Human Relations (mrprofessor) wrote in oppressor_twid,
Human Relations

mad props go out to whoever started this community

hi twiddy
for those of you who don't know twid, here are a few facts about him:
1.twid is happily married to his sister
2.twid is a grammar cop
3.twid enjoys biking, hiking, and long walks on the beach with his imaginary friends
4.twid also enjoys folding laundry twid's world, he likes to think of himself as Jerry Seinfeld
6.twid is open to any outside opinions as long as they are in agreement with his
7.when twid was 7, he attempted to climb back into his mother's womb, resulting in his head getting stuck inside his mom for a period of approximately 6 days
8.when twid's children are born, he surgically alters their retinas so that they may never see color
9.twid has a life, he promises...he also feels the need to point this out on almost every post he makes
10.twid gets paid to jack off while surfing the net at work
11.i know where twid lives
12.twid avoids arguEments by correcting peoples' grammar
13.twid is a member of the First Church of the Nazi Overlords
14.twid can't stand it when you don't type in paragraph form or punctuate so please, avoid both of these things

i will report more once i begin my surveillance
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